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Praise for The Girl Who Fell To Earth

Kirkus Review

Forde gives readers much to ponder; realistically, there are no easy answers. Terrosians’ prejudice toward humans reflects all-too-human racism and xenophobia—which Aria, who’s brown-skinned (like all Terrosians) and assumes a Rajasthani Indian persona in Ireland, also encounters. Aria’s growth is believable and poignant, and readers will especially sympathize with her yearning to belong.

Suspenseful and thought-provoking.

Reading Zone

This is a compelling, high impact story that subtly presents many current issues; a thrilling adventure that manages to highlight issues such as climate change and the destructive nature of humans. The Girl Who Fell to Earth is fast paced and engaging, an easy read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Books For Keeps

Forde handles all this expertly, to such a degree that this reader, at least, finds himself just a little disappointed when the novel ends with Aria leaving Earth. Surely there is another story to be told about what happens on Terros as a result of her experience and what she has discovered? Perhaps, but there’s plenty of excitement and food for thought here exactly as it is.

Book Trust

In this richly-drawn science fiction thriller, written by the seventh Laureate na nÓg (Ireland’s Children’s Literature Laureate), we get to see humanity and planet Earth through alien eyes and are asked difficult questions about what, and who, to believe.

Aria’s adventure reveals a multi-layered plot that uncovers its intrigues very gradually and keeps some secrets back to the very end so readers are never complacent or lose interest.

This is a story to make you think and reflect; it will stay with you long after you finish reading.

Children’s Books Ireland
Forde’s book stands out as it is action packed and highly cinematic in tone. Every page sends the imagination whirling, but its more advanced concepts definitely makes it a book for older readers who want to get their fill of some more challenging themes. For the adventure lovers, the action lovers, and for those who want to dive into sci-fi, this is a must read!

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